Property Insurance

Summary: Offering our clientele with protection against most property risks such as theft, fire and weather damages.

At Open House we always put our clients’ needs first believing that a tailor made property insurance coverage is the best way to feel at ease and experience a risk free stay. We collaborate with the largest insurance companies specializing in real estate coverage to offer best suited solutions.


Summary: Collaborating with top notch lawyers to insure clients will always be protected.

Since our inception, Open House has always made sure to hand pick the best lawyers specializing in real estate insuring that our clientele do not experience the hassles that may arise from rental issues.

Interior Design

Summary: Offering the possibility to our clients to esthetically feel at home or to freshen up the look and design of their residence.

From completely renovating a kitchen to redesigning a guest room, Open House collaborates with Interior design professionals to accommodate our clientele’s needs, turning their ideas into reality.. We always manage to make our interior design projects affordable to our clients offering great flexibility in expanding or reducing the scope of the design process.

Furniture packages

Summary: Our clients can select a full spectrum of furniture choices to make them feel right at home.

We offer our clientele the possibility to experience a full-fledged furnishing service, using local furniture companies to offer affordable and tailor made furniture to match their taste.

Property Management

Summary: Offering comprehensive property management services for both residential and commercial sectors

Open House gives each property individualized attention during every phase of management. Today owners require a wide range of services depending upon the property and market conditions. Our team always thrives to provide comprehensive packages or selected services to meet specific needs and satisfaction of each client.

Car Rental

Summary: Providing the option for our clients to have the possibility to rent the car of their choice.

Open House offers the possibility, through its collaboration with leading car rental companies, of helping its clients to rent a car during their stay in Iran. We would be delighted to help you rent the car that you are looking for by recommending you to a reputable and professional car rental company and secure a competitive rate as well.