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    MILAD Tower, with a 435 height has the sixth rank among the tallest telecommunication towers in the world and it is the tallest tower in Iran which is located in the North West of Tehran. More

  • Carpet Museum of Iran

    Carpet Museum of Iran

    Located in Tehran next to Laleh Park, and founded in 1976, by Farah Diba Pahlavi, the last Queen of Iran. More

  • Some information regarding Iran national jewelry museum

    Some information regarding Iran national jewelry museum

    Our intention in presenting these jewels is to get you more acquainted with the rich culture and civilization of Iran. And to learn from history the fate of those who pursue power and hoard wealth. For this end we present this rich collection, which we have inherited and hope to preserve and pass on richer to our inheritors. More

  • Shopping Malls in Tehran

    Shopping Malls in Tehran

    As the capital, Tehran attracts many tourists from all around the world each season. Shopping malls are one of the most eye catching tourist attractions which people like to travel mostly to Tehran. Vanak passage, Tiraje shopping center and palladium mall are the best examples to satisfy and interest you to visit Tehran. There are many different products with different quality and prices that will More

  • Tehran Grand Bazaar

    Tehran Grand Bazaar

    Tehran Bazaar has very old structure and architecture. It consists of so many colonies of shops and stores. It is located in the heart of Tehran More

  • How to wear Hijab In Iran

    How to wear Hijab In Iran

    Obeying Islamic rules including Hijab or Islamic dress-code is necessary in Iran. However these rules are not observed very strict, especially for tourists and foreigners. More

  • Rent furnished apartment in tehran for short term and long term
  • Tochal complex

    Tochal complex

    Tochal complex consists of Tochal hotel, Tochal ski resort, Telecabin, restaurants, walking pathway More

  • Sa'dabad Complex

    Sa'dabad Complex

    This complex is built by the Qajar and Pahlavi monarchs, located in Shemiran, Tehran-Iran. The complex includes more than 110 hectares of natural forest, streets, qanats, galleries, and museums. After an expansion of the compounds, Reza Shah the king of Pahlavi Dynasty lived there in the 1920s, and his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, moved there in the 1970s. In Pahlavi era, eighteen small and large p More

  • Golestan Palace

    Golestan Palace

    The complex of Golestan Palace consists of 17 structures, including palaces, museums, and halls. Almost this entire complex was built during the 200-year ruling of the Qajar kings which was registered in 2014 at UNESCO. This palace was built during Shah Tahmasb era in 1524-1576 and was renovated by Karim Khan Zand. As Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar chose Tehran as the capital, these palaces were used for More

  • International schools in Tehran,Iran

    International schools in Tehran,Iran

    One of the most important things for expats is an international School registration. International schools in Iran follow a variety of curricula. The major advantage of international schools for expat children is that these schools provide similar standards of schooling around the world. More