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Posted by admin on 2018-02-19


Obeying Islamic rules including Hijab or Islamic dress-code is necessary in Iran. However these rules are not observed very strict, especially for tourists and foreigners. Following the dress-code is necessary form the time of on-boarding international flights. On Iranian Flights, it is usually requested when the plane enters the Iranian boundaries. . Hair should be covered. Don’t worry, It is very usual that some parts remain out of the cover. Foreigners will also hardly be able to keep up with the latest hijab fashion, but don’t get despondent, you can always learn. It’s a completely false belief that wearing  must be dark in Iran. There is no limitation in this respect and we recommend you make sure using light colors in summer. Alongside the different hijab styles, the dress code for women in Iran involves some more rules and tricks. Women are expected to wear a manteaux that covers up to the thighs with trousers underneath that don’t need to be large but can be leggings, tight jeans and whatever type of pants you are more comfortable with. Open toes and sandals are just fine for both men and women, especially in summer. Painted nails on your fingers or your toes, is also OK. Winter is hardly an issue especially in cold cities like Tehran as you will definitely want to wear a coat, while in spring and summer you might prefer some lighter tunic, still the same length. You can combine high boots, during winter, with skinny jeans. With respect to cropped pants, they are just fine as long as they are right above your ankle.  The only times when foreign women must wear a chador are when visiting important shrines. In these instances, it will be given upon entrance.

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Men in Iran usually wear the same clothes as anyone wear in other countries, there are a small differences in some cases. Shorts are not acceptable. A lot of male travelers ask about wearing T-shirts and ties when they travel in Iran, they are acceptable and there are no problems if you guys wearing T-shirts or ties while in Iran.

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